Diamond Brittanys - Who says you can't buy love?

Some words from past puppy buyers. Enjoy!
Goldie & Gracie
aka: Dani & Cersei born 10/27/16 Ripley & Pete
Our Story - Dani's Golden Arizona (Goldie) & Graceful Cersei of Showlow (Gracie)

We found Diamond Brittanys while searching for weeks for a puppy in time for Christmas. During that search in our area (Idaho), we just didn't "feel" it. For whatever reason --fate, luck, divine intervention-- we couldn't see spending the kind of money required on what was turning out to be a puppy-mill approach. Also, to complicate things, as time went on, we had decided we would be getting TWO puppies. Siblings. Yep, we've been accused before of being a little "loopy".

Enter the lovely Stephanie Garnet.  We found her website and began falling in love with Diamond Brittanys.  We had many phone conversations explaining our desires, fears, and our boys' personalities.  We decided to let her pick the girls for our boys. .  Best decision that we could have ever made.  

When the puppies were born, we were notified immediately and kept updated with so many pictures.  And for the next 7 weeks or so, we planned for the arrival with Stephanie's help.  We decided it would be a fun getaway to drive a day & a half each way in the middle of winter, 3 days before Christmas, with the kids thinking we were on a business trip, in order to surprise them for Christmas morning (loopy). 

The day we picked up our puppies we fell in love.  Stephanie has a great gift. She picked out 2 sisters with personalities so well matched to each boy that we are still amazed one year later.  We got home Christmas Eve and everything went perfect.  The boys had no idea and the Christmas morning video still makes us cry.

   It has been challenging raising 2 instead of 1 but not impossible.  We made the best decision getting 2.  We would have never had enough energy to keep them busy.  These dogs are so smart, so loving and are nothing but joy.  
  Stephanie, you are our extended family now.  Thank you for blessing our hearts and family.  The Mallorys (Boise, Idaho).

It was such a pleasure picking these girls out for the Mallorys. I always say if you have time for two that it is a great reward, but you must be ready for two at once! That is not a challenge that I see many people take on, but the Mallorys have made it look easy! The Mallorys have given my girls such a fantastic home and I do love seeing them so happy together, but there is simply nothing better in this world than a boy and his dog! And in this story it is doubly special! These boys have been so blessed by the relationship they will have with their girls! Thank you for choosing Diamond Brittanys and trusting ME to pick your family members, we are honored! Your Christmas morning video brought tears to my eyes then & your kind words has brought tears to my eyes again!!! Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you!!! Happy Hunting!!
Stephanie & Sandor Garnet
Diamond Brittanys

aka: Arya born 10/27/16 to Ripley & Pete

Our experience with Diamond Brittany’s has been amazing, from the minute we decided to add another member to our family. The process was easy and fun. The day the puppies are born you get to watch them grow. Diamond Brittany’s get to know you personality and what your family dynamic is like and they choose the puppy that will best fit in with your family. 

Our Pixiedust has been nothing short of blessing, she come in and fit in with our family from the start, she loves all of equally, she’s playful, well tempered and barely barks. 

 Anytime I have a question regarding Pixiedust, Diamond Brittany’s are always there and answer my question accordingly. I can’t thank them enough for our girl. 

The Merrills and Pixiedust
Testimonial Received 10/28/17

The Merrill family has given Pixiedust a beautiful loving home! We are so grateful for the loving homes that our babies receive. The wonderful families we meet while producing beautiful puppies is the reason we do what we do! Thank you all!
Stephanie & Sandor Garnet
Diamond Brittanys

aka: Justice born 11-11-16 to Mirage & Gunner

The entire process of buying our pup from Diamond Brittanys was a pleasure. Once the litter was born we were flooded with photos and detailed descriptions of each puppy’s personality. Aside from gender preference, our family decided to let Diamond Brittanys pick which puppy would fit in best with our family’s lifestyle (we live in the suburbs with two small children). During the 8 weeks the puppies matured, Diamond Brittanys posted weekly updates with lots of photos. It was fun to watch them grow despite us living 400 miles away from Show Low, AZ. Watching the whole litter grow and flourish via these updates helped form a sort of kinship amongst all the future doggie parents - a kinship you a see in the Facebook page for Puppy Owners of Diamond Brittany pups.

Once Gromit was weaned and ready for pick up we drove down to Arizona and met up with Diamond Brittanys at her home. Gromit was surrounded by other puppies, playfully romping around a happy household. The pups all looked joyful (and a bit mischievous). The adult Brittanys were running around in the yard, they were all healthy, playful, sweet dogs. Pick up was a lovely experience.

Once we got Gromit home we realized what a treasure we had been given. Gromit was totally comfortable around our 2 year old. He was gentle and a tiny bit cautious when playing with her. With my 6 year old son, Gromit was wild and fun. He’s kind of goofy, very happy, sweet, curious, he’s definitely not graceful. He fit in perfectly.

I do have to mention, I asked Diamond Brittanys to choose for us a mellower pup. The reputation of this breed needing tons of exercise daily was worrisome, our backyard is large but I worried if we got a super active dog he would grow board and become destructive. Diamond Brittanys chose perfectly. Gromit is playful - enough to wear out both of my kids which is fantastic - but most of the time, you’ll find Gromit snuggling with whatever warm body he can find. He’s incredibly friendly and smart. He was very easy to train basic obedience, so much so I get compliments on his fine training when I walk him (but I had very little to do with his demeanor - he’s just a great dog). We love him and truly enjoyed the process of bringing him into our family!!!!!

Jayme Hammond & family
Testimonial Received 10/28/2017

The Hammomd family has provided Justice now Gromit with a fantastic home. This is how I hope each and every buyer feels about the process of buying a puppy from us! We want you to feel like you got the puppy destined to be with you! I'm so happy this was another match made from heaven for the Hammond family! Thank you so very much for letting us help you choose your family member!
Stephanie & Sandor Garnet
Diamond Brittanys 

aka: By Golly Miss Molly originally Missy from Kai & Gunner 9-28-12
Stephanie.... We couldn't let Molly's 5th birthday pass without letting you know how our little Diamond Brittanys wonder(ful) dog is doing. She remains our little prize in every sense of the word. True to form, she is steadfast in evergy, athleticism, playfulness, bird dog DNA, utter love ability. She loves ALL of our Alaskan season, bar none. She loves swimming as soon as the ice gives way to the shore line. And she flies through the thicket like it's an open field. She loves everyone & almost all other canine types & has figured out how to make peace with the local moose. We love her to death & remain thankful to you for bringing us together.

Forever Grateful,
Sam & Jenny (& of course Molly)
Anchorage Alaska
Updated testimonial received 9/28/17

Hi Stephanie...
I couldn’t wait to send you word of Molly.....now that it is her birthday.   I can’t believe she is one year old today! Molly is locked in at a lean 26 pounds although she eats like a horse.  She remains a little bullet both outside and inside....so how could she be expected to weigh much more.  Her antics are many and they of course keep us in stiches.
I will never forget our anticipation and excitement waiting for her arrival and especially the care and consideration you gave in picking out the right puppy for us.  She is indeed the right puppy for us!   Molly is soooooo very smart and learns everything so quickly.    She’s taken several puppy courses, including an Agility class where she has proven herself to be quite a natural athlete.  (Although she did get quite distracted by all the dragon flies we had this year).  Molly is an incredibly affectionate dog and likes to cuddle up on top of us whenever there is down time.  She has got the softest fur of any dog I’ve ever had and it’s hard not to just want to pet her all day long.  She loves playing with other dogs but will stand her ground if she determines things aren’t going as they should.  Her love of swimming lead me to get a small sit-on-top kayak so I could get in the water with her....which by the way, seems to be the only way I can get her out of the water!  She is fearless around moose but has learned to keep her distance.  We’ve had a bear hanging around most of the summer, which makes me a bit nervous because I’m not sure what Molly would do in an encounter with such a formidable foe.  We generally hike with others....and pack an air horn and pepper spray! 
I hope the attached pictures tell you Molly’s story and the love we have for her. 
Continued thanks for bringing us together. I have enjoyed following the other litters becoming available (on Facebook) and know that those families getting a puppy from Diamond Brittanys are in for the treat of their lives.
With our thanks again and again,
Jenny and Sam
Anchorage Alaska
Received Testimonial June of 2013

  Jenny & Sam first placed a deposit on another litter near them and after finding out that the litter was too small and they wouldn't get a pick, they called me. Jenny and Sam voiced their concern of not being able to pick out their puppy themselves. As I always do, I reassured them that I would personally help each family pick the right puppy for them and they would be no exception. I kept first pick open for myself from Kai & Gunner's litter and picked Miss Molly for myself. But as puppies were being chosen and I was keeping my eye out for the right puppy for Jenny & Sam I kept finding myself looking at little Molly.  One day I decided that I needed to listen to my feelings and called Jenny & Sam. I told them I had picked Molly out for me but told them that she belonged with them.  Molly was their perfect fit. So, I made it official. Molly was going to Alaska. And I couldn't be happier that they were a match made in Heaven! Thank you Jenny & Sam for keeping me updated on how she is doing and sending pictures often!! But more importantly- Thank you for spoiling this special little girl! 

Stephanie & Sandor Garnet
Diamond Brittanys

aka: Montgomery Bravo from Hannah & Tada 8-27-10
We live in Southern California and did an extensive search for a new Brittany Pup. We checked on several breeders in California and several more out of state. We found Diamond Brittany’s to be the best Breeders around. They are a family that really cares about their animals, and were extremely helpful with us throughout the process. They are located in the Phoenix area and we drove out this weekend to pick up our new pup and we couldn’t be happier.
We give 10 out of 10 and 5 Gold Stars to Diamond Brittany’s. If you are in the market for an exceptional new pet and want great customer service, we highly recommend Diamond Brittany’s.
Ken & Diane Kirkup
Huntington Beach, CA.
Received Testimonial Nov, 2010
Bravo- now Montgomery Bravo or "Monty" for short has an older "brother" Nelson to teach him the ins and outs of being the new dog in the family. He will be going to the dog beach in Huntington Beach to play so if you see them there say "Hi!" I'm so jealous! He got a great home and I couldn't be happier! Thank you to the Kirkup family for giving Monty such a fabulous home!
Stephanie & Sandor Garnet
Diamond Brittanys
aka: Skye from Hannah & Tada 8-27-10
I love my Diamond Brittanys’s puppy. She is very sweet, healthy and has been bred professionally. It is a very smooth transaction to deal with the breeder. I would recommend everyone who is looking for a high quality Brittany.
Jack Lin
Phoenix, AZ
Received Testimonial Oct 2010
Skye- now Jeu-Jeu got a great home with Jack! She went to go live with the her father- Tada! They are getting along great and he's happy to have company! Excited to see them both again and see what a great dog she becomes! Below is father and daughter pictured together! Absolutely adorable!!
Stephanie & Sandor Garnet
Diamond Brittanys
aka: Paisley from Pepper & Chance 4-17-10
Just wanted to update you on Paisley (now Sophie's) first day with us. Had a good car ride home and then we played in the backyard with Abigail. They seem to be adapting well. Sophie slept most of the afternoon and then went back outside and did all her business. She is quite inquisitive. Our friend with the Blue Merle Cattle Dog came over to meet Sophie. All three dogs got along very well. Then she went out front and met the neighbor's dog CJ. and all three girls sniffed and got acquainted. We have her kennel all fixed up with a baby bunny, moo moo cow, and a baby giraffe that I got at Petsmart today. She ate a good dinner and I found Goat's milk at Trader Joe's. Everyone thinks she is just adorable. It is 9:00 and she is sprawled out on a floor cushion with one of her legs hugging her giraffe. What a cutie! I'll keep you posted and send pictures periodically so you can see her growth.
Roger & Marti Cahoon
Scottsdale, Az
Received Testimonial June, 2010
Updated Testimonial Dec, 2010
 Sophie is absolutely adorable and full of energy. Still very petite – about 25 lbs. but all legs. Runs like the wind (in and out of the house). The Christmas tree was going to be what we thought a disaster but she has been very good about touching the ornaments. She loves to play with things that dangle. We had her spayed and the vet said that she was in great shape and had great lines. Thought that maybe would slow her down a bit but no luck.
We keep Telling Sophie that she was extremely lucky to have gone home with us. She only has about 60 Christmas toys she has inherited from her sister and on any given day – has them all out. She loves to play! She has such a wonderful disposition and wants to please us all the time. She knows when she does wrong and then is extremely pitiful. She is a bit of a scaredy cat at night. Actually I think she is afraid of her own shadow. We found some old pictures of Abigail when she was about 6-8 months old. I had to take them to show Walt and Shari as she looks just like Sophie's sister Xena. Amazing.
Paisley- now Sophie, got an amazing home with the Cahoon Family! I couldn't ask for a better home for one of my puppies! She couldn't be more spoiled or loved! She has an older "sister" named Abigail to keep her busy and the Cahoon family is very outdoorsy so she gets to go on lots of road trips and camping trips. Thank you Marty & Roger for giving Sophie the best home!
Stephanie & Sandor Garnet
Diamond Brittanys
aka: Daisy from KaiAnn & Gunner 2-21-11
I got my puppy "Molly" two weeks ago and started working with her with a frozen dove and i already have her finding it and bringing it all the way back to me every time I cant wait to get her out doing some real hunting. I am very happy with my Diamond Brittany pup!!!!! After only three days, Molly is going to the back door begging to go outside to go potty she hasn't had a accident inside for about a week now. My wife and I looked for a brittany pup for a long time before finding Diamond Brittnays and we are both very happy we waited. They were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. We live in Tucson and they live in Show Low but we were able to meet them in Phoenix and look at all the puppies which saved us from having to drive a long ways.
Justin & Michelle Clarno
Scottsdale, Az
Received Testimonial April 2011


We were very pleased with the home that Daisy now Molly got. She is going to be well taken care of and very loved & spoiled. Best of all, she will be doing what she was born to do- which is hunting for those birds. Let us know how she does! Thanks Justin & Michelle for giving her a loving home!

aka: Angel from KaiAnn & Gunner 2-21-11

Suzy has been with us for four months now. She is absolutely everything we were looking for in a pet - she's smart, loving, easy going and makes friends wherever she goes.  Our mailman loves to see her when he's delivering the mail and everyone stops to pet her on our walks. We just love having her as part of the family. She's provided so much joy - and her crazy antics in our pool and backyard keep us laughing all the time. She loves to chase birds and lizards and swim in the pool and float lazily in a raft. I've recommended Diamond Brittanys to lots of friends and co-workers! If we ever decide to get another Brittany, we know where we'll go!

Phil and Barbara Mullarky
Tucson, AZ
Received Testimonial  Aug 2011

Phil & Barbara Mullarky's home is the type of home you wish for all of the puppies we have! They have invited Suzy into their HEARTS & their HOME! Suzy is apart of their family & adored! Thank you  Phil & Barbara for loving Suzy AND NOW PIPER unconditionally!!

Updated Testimonial June 2012

After adding Suzy to our home in April of 2011, we decided she needed a partner so at the end of October we contacted Stephanie and Sandor about getting another one of their puppies.  They had just had a litter from Hannah and Gunner and had only one female so we decided to make her ours and in December we brought home Piper.  Piper is now 8 1/2 months old. She is Suzy's half sister but they are like night and day. Suzy can be serious and quiet, Piper is happy-go-lucky and energetic.  She flies through the yard, leaping and jumping all the way.  Like Suzy, she loves to swim in the pool chasing toys. She's the stronger swimmer of the two and races her sister to get the toys we throw in.  

Life was an adventure with two young Brittany's in the house but now that they are both getting a little older, it's calming down.  They're both healthy, happy dogs who have enriched our lives.

       Susie on left Piper on right                                             Piper on left Susie on right

aka: Breeze 
Pepper & Gunner 11-25-2011

We have been so happy with her.  She is a great well rounded dog; obedient, very smart, easily trained, sweet, awesome hunting companion and an amazing family dog.  She just turned a year today and went out for her second dove season brought back 10 out of 10 and got mad when one of the winged birds flew away.  Her naturally soft mouth and tracking has been a blessing in training.  She loves splashing and swimming through lakes, rivers, pools and creeks.  Her temperment is great, we have exposed her to all different kinds and ages of dogs and people and she loves them all and they love her.  She is everything we could ever ask for in a pet/working dog.  We highly recommend Diamond Brittanys and plan on being return customers.

~Travis and Tamara Ridge
Buckeye, Arizona
Received Testimonial Nov 2011

"Yasmine" & "Esmeralda"
aka: Maisy & Cali
Hannah & Tada 08/27/2010

We are almost 2 now. We are healthy and very naughty. Too spoiled for words. Mom is threatening to send us back to Arizona. Yasmine swallowed a huge rock at 5 months and had emergency surgery. She's done fine ever since. She is very stubborn and wild. The trainer termed her a hard case. Basically she does what she wants. The vet gave her the nickname princess. That's her on the right. Esmeralda is sweet and fairly obedient except she is a food thief. She is a glutton.  Thanks for letting me purchase these bad girls. They definitely keep me from being lonely. Now I just want to runaway because they are so wild. I thought my last pair were lively, lol. Have a lovely day.

Kim Anderson
Hayward, California
Received Testimonial June 2012

Stephanie & Sandor Garnet
Diamond Brittanys