Diamond Brittanys - Who says you can't buy love?
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Diamond Brittanys barkbox opening
Brittany puppies playing with barkbox toys and kids

How We Raise Our Puppies....

We raise our puppies in our home- hands on and underfoot. We use Cesar's method and recommendations for raising newborn puppies. We are very hands on with them from birth... In fact, mom has to be okay with my being nosy too because I am very involved in their labor and births. I record birth weights, times, color, and sex and I take pictures of them and post them to our facebook page as each is born. Not only for my records, but to include my buyers in the birthing process as much as possible because it is a very exciting experience. We have nothing to hide, our buyers are welcome to our home after puppies are old enough for first vaccinations. 

Our puppies are raised in our bedroom until they start eating puppy mush at about 2 weeks old and then we move them to our kitchen for a larger area and well because it's easier to keep clean! They are socialized with our children and included in our activities EVERY DAY from birth until they leave our home. They are socialized in the hustle and bustle of life with a loud family! Banging of pots and pans, children laughing and yelling, vaccuming, clanging of dishes, and the everyday activities that having young children in the house entails! As you can see in the pictures their area is clean, they are litter box trained, they have plenty of toys to play with, and a clean bed to sleep on! I keep a mop set up by their pen to keep it clean. The pellets from litter training does get kicked all over the floor but they are safe! When you come to our home, you will see for yourself! The puppies are confident, loving, and well rounded because they are well loved and socialized in our home! Shortly after they are born, their dew claws are removed and their tails are docked. They are given all deworming care and vaccinations that are age appropriate until they leave.

The benefits of litter training have us in awe! We are so happy we decided to litter train and will never go back! Our puppies go to their new homes already used to going to a certain place to go potty and seek it out. They go to their new homes already 75% potty trained! This is a LIFE SAVER and I promise you will be happy! Buy the same litter we do- equine pine pellets from Tractor Supply, make a litter box for your pup in an excersize pen and then slowly transition to outside and then pour some of the litter directly on the ground where you want your pup to potty and it will be the easiest training transition ever!

In case you were wondering... Now you know! This is how we raise our puppies!

We LOVE them all and it shows!!!