Diamond Brittanys - Who says you can't buy love?
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Diamond Brittanys barkbox opening
Brittany puppies playing with barkbox toys and kids

Here at Diamond Brittanys we LOVE BarkBox... as you can tell!!! It's a great program that sends you quality grain free treats and toys every month! And BarkBox is an amazing company to work with as well, if your pup tears up their toy, just snap a picture, send it to BarkBox, and they will replace their toy or toys... Even if your pup just doesn't like the toy they will replace it for FREE. BarkBox is Amazing!!! If you would like to try it, follow the link here or below (click on the barkbox picture with the puppy in the box!!) for a free box! It is a lot of fun to get surprised right along with your pooch and see what they get every month! Since my dog food is mailed to me, I don't get into pet stores much anymore... So, this is convenient to get their toys and treats mailed to me too. And hey, it's stress free! I don't have to worry about a thing, I don't have to remember to shop for toys and treats, they are picked for me and mailed right to our door.

 Here are a few puppies enjoying barkbox toys... 
BarkBox is still pretty new to us so we are excitedly awaiting our next litter's arrival so we can get some really cute pictures of the puppies opening their very own BarkBox!