Diamond Brittanys - Who says you can't buy love?
About Diamond Brittanys
      I came across the Brittany breed completely by chance. I answered a woman's ad that had a Brittany for sale and have been head over heels in love with them ever since. I didn't know anything about them so I started doing my research, I found that they were gentle and patient with children and other pets- this was important because I had a 18 month old daughter and a cat. I read that Brittanys are high energy but loyal family dogs. And of course- that they are bird dogs and my husband loves to hunt! So, I adopted Pepper and she was a great dog with my daughter and a great family dog in general. We completely loved her and felt she needed another one to play with- So we got KaiAnn shipped from Tennesse at 8 weeks old and we haven't look back since. My name "Diamond Brittanys"- comes from Diamonds in the Ruff Brittanys but it was too long so I shortened it to Diamond Brittanys. 
        My mother has been a dog breeder since I was a very young girl. As a child growing up I had a lot of dogs and puppies in my life and I learned everything I know from her. She has raised and bred English Bulldogs for 20+ years and I have been right along her side as she was learning herself. The passion I have for dogs has been instilled in me since I was a very young girl! My dogs here are our pets and apart of our family. Please take a few moments to look over my website and if you have any questions what so ever feel free to contact us!
        Just because a puppy leaves our home, doesn't mean we are finally "rid" of another dog... whew! Not the case at all, we are here for the family who purchased a puppy from us any hour of any day! No matter what the situation! Whether you have a question or concern- I am here for you! I like to keep in contact with all of my extended families because I love to see the beautiful dogs our puppies grow into. I am here for the life of your new dog!

In the White Mountains of Show Low Arizona, three hours outside of Phoenix.
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